Leading Teams

Workgroup integration is the basic framework of all successful organizations. Breakdowns within and among teams can have catastrophic consequences that resound throughout the entire organization.

Exetor consultants work together with their clients to identify the root cause of internal conflicts and work toward innovative solutions for teams that are out of sync. We customize plans to address specific issues, providing on-site observations and coaching designed to build cohesive units that maximize the creativity, enthusiasm and contributions of their members.

Whether building teams to launch new initiatives or motivating and energizing existing teams, The Exetor Group’s consultants can ensure that people and leadership issues do not overwhelm an organization’s goals.

The Exetor Group brings its expertise to three essential areas of team development:

Launch Acceleration

Those charged with building a new company, team or division from the ground up recognize the importance not of just selecting the right mix of people and talents, but ensuring they work effectively together. The Exetor Group has expertise in developing teams that can hit the ground running to deliver performance objectives.


Energizing Teams

To sustain their energy and enthusiasm, teams must be continually challenged in new ways. The Exetor Group designs programs and events that focus on developing those leadership mindsets and behaviors required to stay on top of the game. As inspirational leaders, they are coached to communicate the vision and build alignment with their team members, cascading this energy throughout the organization.


Conflict Intervention

Sometimes teams are faced with internal or external challenges that cause them to lose their enthusiasm or simply break down. They begin to operate in a crisis mode that drains productivity and creates a stressful work environment. The Exetor Group partners with team leaders, and the group as a whole, to bring conflicts to the surface and address them without further upsetting the balance of the team. Continuous feedback is provided in a way that is direct but non-judgmental, and based on observed behavior.

"The 15 years I have worked with Exetor have transformed my ability to bring teams together; it’s allowed my company to thrive. By helping me expand my personal and professional horizons, the Exetor team have helped me become the CEO, and the person, that I want to be."