Leading Organizations

Given the rapid-fire pace of the global economy, businesses today face a myriad of challenges from internal and external forces. Mergers, acquisitions, changes in strategic direction, staying highly competitive or shifts in corporate culture require strong and effective leadership to ensure buy-in from all levels of the organization. The Exetor Group can co-create a customized, practical plan with our clients to ensure organizational alignment.

In settings large and small on continents around the world, our leadership consultants have assisted clients in identifying the best way to build organizational backing for new and uncharted waters. This has ensured that new strategic objectives are met, plans are successfully executed, and importantly, that leaders and their employees’ talents are fully realized.


We use interviews with top teams and relevant proven diagnostic techniques to assess alignment issues related to goals, values, procedures, and stakeholder perceptions.

Identifying Opportunities

Based on our information from this data gathering exercise, we target the alignment issues that are likely to have the greatest impact on the organization. We often help clients address significant areas of change, especially when an industry is rapidly evolving, technology is creating shifts, or new markets are emerging.


Our consultants thoughtfully partner with clients to co-create practical solutions that are appropriate for the company and achievable within its culture. We ensure the timing and sequencing of workshops, hands-on problem solving and team building have direct, measurable outcomes. We may recommend changes in organizational structure to align human performance with business objectives, and work together with our clients to begin to embed these.

Follow-on Support

We provide ongoing coaching and leadership support to embed the learning and development of executives. This can occur with the individuals, teams or organizationally.

"Exetor has transformed the mindset of our leadership team in not just how we engage with clients but also with each other. As a result of the Exetor partnership, we are focused on solving the real problems clients have that might not be obvious at first glance."