What We Do

The Exetor Group helps clients build long-term organizational success by integrating business results with people leadership. We embrace the “hard” and “soft” skills that are instrumental in developing leaders who can  bring out the very best in their teams, thus creating successful outcomes for the entire organization.

In today’s global marketplace, maintaining a competitive advantage depends on a company’s ability to put leaders in place who not only understand top-tier goals, but who can also connect with employees at all levels of the organization and across geographies. Such leaders can mean the difference between rapid growth and long-term stagnation.

The Exetor Group develops customized leadership development to enhance organizational effectiveness by:

  • Listening carefully to understand the current leadership capabilities, goals and objectives.
  • Working in a “high-touch” way, emphasizing relationships rather than process and formulating tailored practical leadership interventions that have long-lasting impact and value.
  • Partnering with clients to understand their own direction and accountability, and assist them in implementing strategies such as management audits, leadership curricula, executive rotation programs, one-on-one executive coaching and mentoring, and succession planning.
  • Developing a methodology that supports the kind of leadership essential to organizational success in the constant-changing world of business.

We seek to co-create outcomes with clients, not solve their problems for them independently, by addressing:

  • Company-wide Leadership Development - Our holistic approach considers all facets of leadership within a company. If, together with our clients, we conclude that change needs to happen across an entire organization, we co-create a curriculum that helps leaders at all levels gain the skills and knowledge they need to be consistently successful.
  • Team or Group Leadership Development - While understanding their business opportunities and potential obstacles, we develop quick, targeted interventions to partner with clients, offering focused solutions that may include on-site observations, facilitation and coaching, as well as customized learning events to address specific issues.
  • Individual Leadership Development - The Exetor Group offers individualized executive coaching and mentoring programs to enhance each leader’s unique personality, capabilities and skills so they can lead others effectively and build loyalty across the organization.