Scale Your Tech Company

Through Leadership

Empower your leaders and teams to navigate rapid change, align behind strategy, foster innovation while supporting employee well-being, and cultivating personal growth for sustained business success.

Grow your business by evolving your leadership

One of the toughest questions leaders ask is, “How do I continue to scale operations quickly while maintaining growth, product quality and customer satisfaction?”
Founders and early-stage leaders in tech often need to transition from hands-on roles to strategic leadership positions. This means they need support in building and growing teams to stop doing and start leading. Developing leaders who can bring out the very best in individual employees, creates more opportunities for successful outcomes across the business. The Exetor Group has worked with businesses like yours for over 20 years, partnering with leaders and top teams worldwide across diverse industries.

Navigate and lead through rapid change

Running a thriving tech business means successfully navigating rapid market dynamics, fierce competition, investor expectations, regulatory landscapes, and internal demands. Balancing explosive growth with sustainable practices is crucial. The ability to pivot swiftly while maintaining strategic clarity and empowering your team is essential for sustaining momentum, especially if you need to grow fast!

As a leader, fostering an agile mindset, embracing calculated risks, and creating an environment where your team can swiftly pivot, seize emerging opportunities, and innovate customer-centric solutions is key. This approach fortifies operational resilience.

Sustain business impact by aligning teams behind a clear strategy

Leaders often face hurdles in building cohesive teams, competing for top tech talent, and maximizing team potential. Achieving and sustaining high team performance is crucial for tech scale-ups aiming to scale operations while maintaining product quality and customer satisfaction.

Strategically aligning all teams with the main business goals and enhancing inter-department communication can help pave the way for streamlining processes and building high-performing teams. Learn to have the difficult conversations that result in action and accountability to achieve business goals.

Foster a culture of innovation through high performing teams

The relentless pursuit of innovation in a high-pressure environment can lead to stress, burnout, and strategic missteps. To foster resilience and sustained productivity, nurture mindsets and behaviors that manage stress effectively and integrate self-care with business goals. Encouraging your team to learn from setbacks, remain curious, and stay open to new ideas sustains innovation and builds healthier, more engaged teams.

The volatile job market necessitates changes in recruitment and workplace culture to retain valuable talent. There’s a strong push for diversity and inclusion, and shifts to hybrid work models require leaders to maintain productivity, team cohesion, and a strong organizational culture remotely.

Increase self-awareness and personal growth

Investing in personal growth and creating deep self-awareness is essential for leaders to bridge the gap between current capabilities and realize your full potential. By understanding your strengths and growth areas, you’re able to make informed decisions, build stronger relationships, and drive growth in the business and on a personal level.

Leaders often find themselves overwhelmed or unsure about how to progress in their roles - some describe this feeling as “stuck”. Our approach involves in-depth feedback, reflective practices, and actionable insights.
Empowering others requires not just delegating tasks but also fostering an environment where individuals feel valued and capable of making meaningful contributions.
Shirzad Chamin, author of “Positive Intelligence”

Industries we work in

Exetor is recognized around the world for leadership development of senior executives in a wide range of industries including:
Health Care
Financial services
Private equity
Engineering, production & services
Marketing communications
Professional services
Sports & Lifestyle
Large Industrial

How we work

Exetor’s team of practitioners has expertise ranging across industries. Our reach is global, but our approach is personal - even when working with multinational organizations, or rather, especially then.
In a fast paced company, it is rare and valuable to have the time to actively reflect and spar with others, and to learn new strategies and tips to handle our projects more efficiently.
The 15 years I have worked with Exetor have transformed my ability to bring teams together; it’s allowed my company to thrive. By helping me expand my personal and professional horizons, the Exetor team has helped me become the CEO, and the person that I want to be.

Recognising gaps and creating space for meaningful change

case study

Scaling Leadership: Balancing Today’s Execution with Tomorrow’s Vision

A west-coast based global software company, faced the challenge of scaling their leadership and cultivating a growth mindset to drive the next phase of business growth. Partnering with Exetor Group, they embarked on a transformative journey to enhance leadership capabilities, foster a culture of collaboration and inclusion, and navigate the balance between strategic and executional tasks. With the development of a tailored leadership development program the company managed to scale successfully while maintaining its core values.

The Exetor way

Tailored leadership development & coaching solutions
Transformation starts from within. We specialize in leadership development and coaching, crafting environments where transformative change thrives. Our consultants bring an understanding of people, group dynamics, real-world business and senior leadership experience, which helps them connect with you and your team in many ways to provoke thinking and provide feedback that allows you to move forward and create a lasting impact on a personal and business level.

Understanding your needs

We listen deeply to understand you, your context, goals, objectives, challenges, and future plans. Through discussion we capture your vision for yourself, your team or the organization.

Recommendations & Solutions

Based on your needs, we propose a combination of coaching and leadership development initiatives:
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Facilitated Small Group Coaching
  • Interactive Team Workshops
  • Leadership Programmes: Comprehensive programmes offering leaders the opportunity to learn, practice, receive feedback, and apply learnings to real situations.


We begin leadership development and executive coaching aligned to your goals. This phase emphasizes real-world application over theoretical discussions, encouraging immediate action to embed desired behaviors and practices within the organization. We curate the most relevant tools for leaders, teams and individuals in their specific context – initiating the right conversations and unlocking hard conversations - while maintaining momentum in the desired direction.

Closing the gap

To ensure a lasting impact, we forge close relationships, working alongside leadership teams, providing support by holding you and your team accountable to your goals.
case study summary

Transforming R&D Teams for Accelerated Innovation

The divisional leader of a global healthcare technology company needed to accelerate the R&D team responsible for developing a breakthrough diagnostic technology. The goal was to leapfrog the existing platform in terms of cost and performance, requiring a significant boost in individual and team effectiveness. By working closely with the R&D engineering project team and the R&D leader to assess the team’s performance, we were able to identify opportunities, craft a team charter, and implement strategic improvements. They saw remarkable advancements in both individual and collective effectiveness.

The advantages of partnering with Exetor

Global Presence, Personal Connection

With a team spanning 40 consultants across the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, we offer a global reach with a personalized touch.

Seasoned Expertise and Business Insight 

Benefit from over 20 years of experience in creating a lasting impact through Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, and working with top teams.

Rigorous Quality Assurance 

Every Exetor practitioner undergoes a stringent selection and onboarding process. We emphasize continuous learning and development to maintain high standards of service.

Accredited Coaching Excellence 

With an array of advanced degrees, formal qualifications in coaching and real-world business experience in senior leadership positions, our consultants possess the expertise to build business and people-leadership skills and who understand what it's like to lead.

Trust and Impact 

Our unique strength lies in being able to build deep engagements quickly, and with intention, to build trust with individuals, teams, and groups within their specific business context, creating the foundation to enable them to have the impact they want to have for themselves, their teams and their businesses.
case study summary

Empowered Executives Lead Through Growth and Cultural Transformation

An e-commerce retailer set out on an ambitious growth path and needed to develop their own leadership abilities to drive cultural change within the company. The CEO and top team received 360-degree feedback, engaged in high-impact workshops to raise their performance and effectiveness as a senior team, and executives benefited from one-on-one coaching. This comprehensive approach helped the executives enhance their leadership skills and steer the company towards its growth and cultural goals.

Overcome growth challenges with expert leadership support

We look forward to understanding more about the challenges and opportunities within your business.