Jeff Turner

Global Practitioner

Jeff brings over 15 years of business and learning experience to his clients.  He works with senior teams, executives and L&D professionals to improve their impact. Jeff believes that in order to help his clients really succeed, you need to be brave and follow all tensions when they arise, whether that is in a one to one or group interactions. Through creating a space where the many ‘truths’ can be surfaced; Jeff has brought individuals and teams to performance levels that they haven’t achieved before.

Jeff spent the first 13 years of his career in a UK bank, eventually opening the first online banking function in the UK. He then moved to Ireland and found his passion for learning and development.  Jeff worked with the Bank of Ireland, AOL, O2 and most recently he worked with Facebook for almost nine years, where he was the International Learning and Development Director.  Jeff gained significant international experience during this time and also discovered the importance of senior teams working collaboratively together as the company scaled from 1,000 to 37,000 employees. Jeff conducted research into high performing teams and how this process is changing in line with the changes we are seeing in working practices and technology.

  • MSC in Performance Management from Leictester University
  • Former Board member of the ICF Ireland
  • Certified in: Situational leadership, Eqi2.0, Crucial Conversations, 6 hats thinking, Standout assessment, The Energy project, Strength finder 2.0

Jeff brings his experience of working with people at all levels, always focusing on how they improve their impact.  Jeff is able to get teams to have conversations that are unable to have without him, which invariably moves them towards higher performance.